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Prof.Dr. Abdulkadir Bedirli Türkiye'nin en iyi Robotik ve Laparoskopik Cerrahı

Robotic & Laparoscopic 
Surgery Expert

Department of General & Oncological Surgery,

Izmir Private Health Hospital

About Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir Bedirli

Abdulkadir Bedirli & da Vinci Robotic-En iyi Obezite Cerrahı

Abdulkadir Bedirli was born in 1965 in Düzce. He graduated from Kabataş High School for Boys in 1981 and Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 1988. Between 1992 and 1997, he completed his specialty training at Erciyes University, Department of General Surgery and became a specialist in General Surgery. In 2005, Dr. Bedirli became an Associate Professor at Gazi University Department of General Surgery and in 2010 he became a Professor at Gazi University. Between 2008-2011, he worked as Deputy Chief Physician and operating rooms coordinator at Gazi University Hospital. In 2010, he took part as a coordinator in the establishment of Gazi University Laparoscopic Surgery Center and became the founding director of the Center in 2011. During this period, he completed the program in France-Elancourt and received an instructor certificate.

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Areas of Expertise

Robotic Surgery

Robotic Sleeve Gastrectomy Ankara,İzmir

Robotic Sleeve Gastrectomy

Robotic Colorectal Surgery, Ankara,İzmir

Robotic Colorectal Surgery

Robotic Gastric By-pass-Ankara, İzmir

Robotic Gastric Bypass

Robotic Gastric Cancer, Ankara,İzmir

Robotic Digestive System Surgery

Robotic Revisional Surgery Ankara,İzmir

Robotic Revisional Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Ankara, İzmir

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

Laparoskopik Fıtık Cerrahisi Ankara,İzmir

Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

Laparoskopik Gastric Bypass Ankara,İzmir

Laparoscopic Gastric By-pass

Metabolic Cerrahi İzmir,Ankara

Metabolic Surgery

Laparoskopik Kolosistektomi,Ankara,İzmir

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Robotik obezite Cerrahi-Ankara-İzmir

Robotic Obesity Surgery

In 1997, Dr. After the gallbladder surgery performed for the first time in Brussels by Cadiere and her friends, the da Vinci Robotic Surgery System broke new ground in the field of surgery. Following the implementation of the first robotic bariatric surgery by the same team in 1999, standard laparoscopic bariatric surgery such as sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and duodenal switch began to be performed with robotic methods all over the world.

Robotic Colorectal Surgery

When we look at the cancer data of our country, although there are geographical changes, colon cancer is among the top five most common cancers. More about robotic surgery in Colon Cancer treatment