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Frightening Number in Obesity Surgery

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Stating that the number of surgeries due to this disease has increased with the increasing obesity in the world, Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir Bedirli,

"Unfortunately, approximately 10 thousand people in Turkey have obesity surgery every year," he said.

Obezite Cerrahisinde Korkutan Rakam - Her Yıl 10 bin Operasyon

Emphasizing that environmental factors have increased obesity in recent years, Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir Bedirli,

“Friends, spouses, school and work life affect our habits. Many studies on this subject reveal the effect of social relations on weight. This issue was investigated with a study in which 12 thousand people were evaluated for 32 years. In the research, it was revealed that friends were the biggest factor in the way to being obese. For example, close friendship increases the risk of obesity by 171 percent. These rates appear as 40 percent among siblings and 37 percent among spouses.”


Stating that there are two different views on eating habits, Prof, Bedirli said:

“The first of these is the increase in the consumption of high-calorie industrialized foods and beverages. In many countries, including our country, schoolchildren get about 20 percent of their energy from sugary drinks. The other view can be explained as the decrease in the consumption of natural and healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and cereals.


While the number of Obesity surgery performed in the USA in 2011 was 158 thousand, this figure reached 196 thousand in 2015. The annual number of obesity surgeries performed in the UK shows a stable course. It is approximately 5 thousand for 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. There has been a significant increase in the number of obesity surgeries applied in Turkey in the last three years and obesity surgery has started to be applied to approximately 10 thousand people annually. The calories that people eat and eat from what they drink have a direct impact on their body weight. While the weight remains balanced when the body consumes the calories taken at the same rate, weight increases with consuming less. The most stable approach to weight control is to eat less and exercise more, regardless of the source of calories.

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