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Robotic Gastric Bypass

Robotik Obezite Ameliyatı-Gastrik Bypass-İzmir,Ankara

Robotic Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass is the gold standard for bariatric surgery in the USA and constitutes a large part of bariatric surgery. However, laparoscopic gastric bypass is a procedure that requires advanced laparoscopic skills and has a high degree of difficulty. The results of the robotic gastric bypass are remarkable, thanks to the 3-dimensional, high-resolution camera system and wrist-controlled, ergonomic robotic arms offered by robotic surgery. Advances in robotic technology, especially robotically applicable stapler, that is, automatic suture technology, have made robotic gastric bypass surgery an important option in bariatric surgery.

İzmir,Ankara Robotik Obezite Ameliyatında robotik kollar

The robotic arms we use in robotic surgery are wrist-controlled, ergonomic and eliminate vibration and provide freedom of movement for the surgeon. The 3-dimensional robotic camera prevents the loss of depth sense and has a better magnification capacity, giving the surgeon a feeling of their hands inside the patient's body. Thanks to robotic surgery, in which high technology is used, the postoperative pain of the patients is less compared to open surgeries, and the duration of hospitalization and return to normal activities are shorter. The rarer risk of infection and the extremely low blood loss are other important results of robotic surgery. Effective and sustainable weight loss success is achieved with robotic gastric bypass surgery, diseases caused by obesity are eliminated, and the quality of life of patients increases as a result.

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