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What is Robotic Surgery?⎮ Prof.Dr.Abdulkadir Bedirli

Updated: May 9, 2023

A surgical robot is a medical device completely controlled by the surgeon,

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supported by computers, and used to increase the performance of the surgical procedure to be performed. The surgeries performed with this device are defined as robot-assisted surgeries or robotic surgery in general. The robotic arms we use in robotic surgery are wrist-controlled, ergonomic and provide freedom of movement for the surgeon by eliminating vibration. The 3D robotic camera prevents loss of depth sense and has a better magnification capacity, giving the surgeon the feeling that their hands are inside the patient's body.

Robotic surgery, in which high technology is used, relatively minimizes the postoperative pain of the patients and shortens the duration of hospitalization and return to normal activities. The rarer risk of infection and the extremely low blood loss are other important results of robotic surgery.

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