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Updated: May 9, 2023

She couldn't even go out, she'll lose 70 kilos in three months

She locked herself at home, unable to meet her loved ones. 47-Year-Old Nafiye Karlı's Health Struggle Ended Happily in Ankara.

Karlı, who has super obesity and could not find health in his country of residence Denmark, found the cure in the capital. Karlı, who weighs approximately 195 kilograms and the doctors could not perform stomach surgery in Ankara because she was in the high risk group, opened the doors of her imaginary body with Duodenal Switch surgery in a private hospital in Turkey. Snowy said: 'Now I can go out with my children'.

She couldn't even go out, she'll lose 70 kilos in three months

She Had Been Struggling For 15 Years

Sharing her happiness with SABAH Ankara after her recovery, Nafiye Karlı said the following about the 15-year difficult process she went through: 'I was out of step, lonely and depressed'. Karlı continued her words as follows: “I am Nafiye Karlı, I am 47 years old. I have a weight problem for 15 years. For years, I went to dietitians, if I lost three kilos, I gained five kilos.

There was no method I did not try, no center I did not go to, but my weight increased. My quality of life has dropped. My physical activity is almost gone. I got depressed, I locked myself in the house. I was deprived of spending time outside with my children, which was now my favorite activity. It was a very difficult operation, because the risk was high. My children said, 'Mom, we don't want to lose you, don't get surgery'. But I had to do this to spend time with them.

I found Aldülkadir and today I am healthy. I will achieve my dream, most importantly, I will meet my children. My own country was the solution to my problem, which could not be solved for years. I will regain my self-confidence, I will walk outside. I had surgery on my daughter's birthday and my second life has begun.”

Ankara Said: 'Yes'

Karlı's doctor, Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir Bedirli, who performed Duodenal Switch Surgery for the first time in Turkey, said the following about his patient's latest condition and the technique they applied: 'We said yes to the surgery, which Danish doctors said no to risk, with our technical success. Our patient is a super super obese patient living in Copenhagen, Denmark and has an overweight problem. For such patients, the only thing that can be done now is the surgical route. It was a very risky surgery. These patients should be treated in a fully equipped hospital. We decided to have a surgery for Ms. Nafiye after going through dozens of evaluations and committees.

She had surgery on October 14. She started walking on the 6th day after the operation. Her general health is currently very good. There was a risk of clotting from the lungs and legs with the surgery, but he survived the dangerous phase. She trusted us, and we gave her dreams with our technical and professional know-how. This method, which has been applied with full technique for the last 10 years in the world, is best applied in our hospital in Ankara. I performed this surgery for the first time in our country, this is my second patient.

She Will Lose 70 Kilos in 3 Months

Doctor Bedirli said: "This method is a robotic surgery that aims to reduce absorption in the stomach and intestines in a combined way. It is a method suitable for an average of 5 percent of patients in the world, it has two features, we shrink the stomach and reduce absorption'. Bedirli continued her words as follows: "With this surgery, which has the highest weight loss success, Ms. Nafiye will lose weight quickly, her ideal weight is 65. The first 6 months will be the periods when she lost the fastest weight. We expect him to lose 70-75 kilos in the first three months. We will reach 80% of our target in 6 months.”

News Date: 22nd October 2016, Saturday

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