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Timeturk News- Prof Dr Abdulkadir Bedirli from Gazi University General Surgery Clinic said

Updated: May 9, 2023

Prof Dr Abdulkadir Bedirli from Gazi University General Surgery Clinic said that many surgeries can now be performed with robotic surgery.

Bedirli stated that the surgeries with this technique are made through small incisions or several incisions, and that the patients can be discharged in a short time.

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Bedirli, explaining that they operated on Akal, a patient with colon cancer, with robotic surgery, said:

"The reason for his application was because of rectal bleeding and a change in defecation habits for 3 months. Colonoscopy was performed on the patient who was found to have anemia in laboratory examinations".

Bedirli, stating that a sample was taken from the mass seen in colonoscopy, said:

"As a result of the pathology, the patient with colon cancer underwent robotic right hemicolectomy (removal of the right part of the large intestine and suturing the small intestine to the large intestine). The patient was discharged within 2-3 days".

'Supremacy in Both Imaging and Mobility'

Bedirli mentioned that the surgeon's experience is very important in robotic cancer surgeries and said: "Robotic colon cancer is an intervention that is difficult to operate and should be performed by people who have advanced knowledge and experience in laparoscopic large bowel surgeries". Bedirli also emphasized that the robot provides the surgeon with superiority in both imaging and mobility.

Bedirli, pointing out that all stages of the surgery are carried out by the robotic surgeon sitting at the console, said:

"In order for the procedure to be performed robotically, the surgeon must complete all stages of the surgery flawlessly and flawlessly. Therefore, in advanced robotic applications such as oncological surgery, the surgeon's knowledge and experience and attention and concentration are also important".

Bedirli, poting that they operated on 42 patients with robotic surgery, concluded as follows:

"With robotic surgery, we perform surgeries for gallbladder, gastroesophageal reflux, obesity, spleen, liver, pancreas, stomach cancer and large intestine cancer. I have operated 42 patients with robotic surgery in our clinic so far. The majority of patients I have undergone robotic surgery for are colon cancer and stomach cancer. consisted of patients diagnosed with tumour.

The procedure is performed by zooming the surgical field 10-12 times, accompanied by an image that gives a sense of depth. As a result of these, robotic surgery brings advantages such as reduction in the amount of bleeding due to surgery, less pain in the postoperative period, less risk of wound infection and shorter recovery times for patients. The ability of the robot arm to move up to 540 degrees provides ease of manipulation in surgical procedures.

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